Why put a Balaclava under a Helmet?

Although often overlooked by motorcyclists, the balaclava is an accessory that enjoys great importance in the life of any motorcyclist.  If it is obvious that everyone must equip themselves properly before going on a motorcycle, this does not mean to bring only their jacket, glasses and gloves.  The balaclava must also be integrated into motorcycle equipment because of its effectiveness and its multiple advantages which are still unknown to the public.  Check out some of its benefits here.

The comfort

Putting a balaclava under their helmet may be the best decision a rider can make.  Indeed, it is an option that has several advantages that are not always known to everyone.  For example, the Balaclava keeps the head and neck warm in cold weather, preventing loss of body heat.  This is particularly useful for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding or motorcycling.  In addition, wearing a hood under the helmet creates a barrier between the skin and the helmet, thus avoiding direct contact and reducing the risk of excessive sweating, itching or skin irritation.

The texture 

For some people, the texture of the helmet can be uncomfortable directly in contact with the skin.  The best way to do this is to wear a balaclava.  The latter can therefore offer an additional feeling of comfort by creating a layer of soft fabric between the head and the helmet.  In addition, it is adept at absorbing sweat from the skin, which can help keep your head dry, reduce odors and prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes.

The protection 

The balaclava is also an excellent alternative for those looking for additional protection.  In addition to protecting the head against the cold, it can provide additional protection against light impacts or shocks.  As you would have understood, it is ideal and beneficial to wear a hood under a mask.  This promotes improved comfort, hygiene, thermal insulation and protection during various sports or leisure activities.

What type of motorcycle balaclava should I choose?

To make the most of its advantages, it is important to choose the right motorcycle balaclava beforehand.  In fact, this accessory comes in a wide variety of types suitable for motorcycling.  Thus, we have the integral hoods.  They are recognized by their ability to cover the entire face, including the head, neck, ears and often the chin.  They offer complete protection against the cold, wind and outdoor elements.  They are usually made of windproof and insulating materials. 
We also have half-integral hoods which cover the head, neck and ears, but leave the face free.  They offer protection against the cold and the wind while allowing better visibility and greater ease of communication.  Then there are tube hoods.  It is a type of hood formed from a single tube of stretchy fabric that is worn around the neck and can be pulled up over the lower face.  They can be used as a neck warmer or extended to cover the whole face and ears when needed. 
Another type of hood to choose for your motorcycle is anti-perspiration hoods.  As their name clearly indicates, they are specially designed to absorb perspiration and keep the head dry while riding a motorcycle.  They are often made from breathable materials that wick away moisture and prevent odors.  Finally, you have the dust hoods, which are mainly used for off-road or dusty riding.  They are made with filtering materials that prevent the passage of dust or debris while ensuring good breathing.

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