What you need to know about Koddos web hosting



In order to obtain quality web hosting, you need to contact a company that is capable of providing it. But there are not many companies that can offer this service. One such company is KoDDoS. What do you need to know about this company? Read this article in order to have the necessary information to know this company better.

What is KoDDoS

KoDDoS is a company that was founded in 2009. It owes its existence to two internet specialists. In fact, these two people are specialists in the field of security, high-risk hosting and DDoS attacks. It was their expertise that enabled them to create this company. This company offers high-end hosting. In order for Koddos web hosting to be of high quality, the structure uses the latest technology. Thus, the speed of the websites is impressive. You will also benefit from protection against DDoS attacks. This structure has its servers in the USA and the Netherlands. So, you should not doubt the quality of KoDDoS services. With a professional and dynamic team, this company is able to handle any situation. This structure offers its services only to companies and not to individuals. For this reason, it offers the most expensive rates in the field of hosting.

What services does KoDDoS offer?

KoDDoS offers a variety of services to its customers. For example, it offers advanced hosting packages for websites. As far as hosting is concerned, this company offers medium, high risk, offshore, VPS and reseller hosting. There is also remote DDoS protection, offshore servers and protected servers. You will also benefit from a seven-day guarantee with regard to the protection package. KoDDoS offers a wide range of hosting services, and with its highly qualified staff, it is able to manage its customers well.

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