What are the benefits of clinical research ?

Clinical research offers enormous benefits, both to the participant and to the community. The aim is to advance knowledge about the human person. This involves studying the development of diseases in order to develop early and reliable prediction methods. This is in addition to less harmful and more effective treatment measures in any health area. Find out more about the main benefits of clinical research.

For the participant

Clinical research is of undeniable benefit to the patient. Access to new treatments is one of the advantages of this type of research, and you can find out more with MplusM. Indeed, the participant in this experiment can have a new remedy or a new treatment. This is done in the safest possible conditions years before a possible commercialisation. This is a significant opportunity, especially for rare diseases. Treatments for these diseases are few, ineffective or often absent. The law provides that the initiators of clinical research offer the necessary drugs for the trial free of charge. Any additional costs associated with the research must be covered by the latter. This is the case, for example, for additional tests. Transport costs may sometimes be covered. In any case, the participant must be provided with the best possible care. The participant's additional examinations should be more comprehensive and regular. 

For the community

As mentioned above, clinical research is also beneficial for the community. In order to better diagnose and treat diseases, the availability of new medicines is indispensable. It is therefore important to broaden the range of available treatments. New testing techniques ensure better detection of diseases, which can prevent complications. All of these advances will help to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. After careful reviews of their effectiveness, these medicines will be put on the market. The safety of these remedies is guaranteed because of the patients who have participated in the clinical trials. Clinical research is also an issue of global competition. It facilitates investment in the health sector and is a real source of fairly skilled jobs. Most often, the main benefits of clinical research revolve around the concepts of rare diseases, cancers and infections.

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