United Nations wants removal of international forces and mercenaries from Libya



The UN security council has urged all international armies and mercenaries to leave Libya immediately. This is to allow a peaceful transition among interested parties. 

United Nations Security Council calls for the removal of all armies in Libya 

The UN has called for the immediate withdrawal of international forces and mercs from the gulf nation in a surprising move. The security council also said the UN arms ban is still in place and everyone should respect it as many NGOs have reported various violations going on in the country. 

The UNSC also said the Libyan parliament’s call for a united government is good, and it will support it. This unified structure in Libya will hopefully lead the North African nation before the elections coming up in December after several years of turmoil following the death of the flamboyant leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

All  parties are urged to agree to a peaceful solution in Libya 

The Council has asked all parties in the conflict to agree to a cease-fire while telling other member states to back the implementation. The body said more than 23,600 international troops and mercenaries are still in Libya by December last year with no withdrawal noticed. 

Libya which is a major oil nation has been engaged in various problems since 2011. The conflict has attracted several militias and the smuggling of arms has increased ever since. There are two major rivals which are, the Government of national accord, which has its headquarters in Tripoli, and another in the east which is loyal to Khalifa Haftar. 

The eastern militia is backed by Egypt, Russia, and UAE, and they have tried to take Tripoli many times. However, when Turkey supported the GNA, the offensive failed. The Turkish government backed the GNA with many mercenaries and militias from Syria. However, there is still hope for peace as many countries have continued to sue for calm among both sides.

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