Steps to creating a web design agency portfolio

Are you a web design agency? In order to promote your business and gain a lot of business, it is important to build a quality portfolio. Despite its importance, it is often difficult to create a quality portfolio. Here are some tips on how to create a quality portfolio for your web design agency.

Showcase your best projects

The portfolio is primarily intended to highlight the qualities of your company. It is therefore essential for the designer to put in the front row the best work of the agency. Indeed, he has a good point to gain by doing so. However, there is no need to put all your best projects in the portfolio, but only those that make you particularly proud.  Then proceed to regularly update your portfolio. This is important, because it would not be good to show your clients work that you have done years ago. The other important thing to do is to insert your personal projects, your vision of the design world. This way of doing things could impress the partners who will receive a document full of your inspirations.

Create a portfolio according to your clientele

To optimize your chances of winning business, it is also a good idea to create your portfolio according to your clients. This allows you to showcase your agency's expertise in your client's field of activity. It is also a way to save precious time and gain in professionalism. Indeed, you will only have to send a portfolio corresponding to the client's expectations without having to create a new one. However, it is important to keep a part of suspense in the creation of your portfolio in order to arouse the curiosity of customers. In addition to having a digital portfolio, you can also print your portfolio in paper version to give it directly to your clients during your meetings. 

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