Some tips for finding a lost dog

Dogs, beyond their role as handlers and their love for their owners, occupy an important place in the family. Their disappearance puts the whole family on alert. What are the tips for finding a lost dog? How to use a GPS collar for your pet? Discover through this article, the best tips to find your dog.

Reporting your dog lost

The first thing to do when you notice that your dog is missing is to file a lost pet report. This action should be taken within the first few hours to give you the best chance of finding your dog. It is an effective measure, which allows to quickly put in alert all the professionals, veterinarians, animal associations and others to prevent your dog from going further away from its home. You can report the loss on a web or application dedicated to this purpose with the identification number of the animal and its password, but also by going to a police station and fill out the form of lost animal with all the complete information. 

Start the search for your dog

To find your dog quickly, start by searching for him yourself. It's best if you make an effort to increase your chances. First, go to the neighborhood and unusual place to look. After that, post search ads, informing the entire community. Be sure to share missing person announcements on social networks, in support groups, via your status, and even with the help of a few friends. 
Also, consider alerting estate staff who are responsible for lost pets like dogs. Make posters of your dog with a picture of the loss and distribute to people and then stick on public places and walls. Do not linger to question the neighborhood or anyone who is likely to see any dog. Regularly check all published sightings to identify your dog. Use your dog's auditory or olfactory stimuli, frequent toys and be very attentive to the slightest sign during your search.

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